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Translation & Language Lessons
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Advanced Conversation

All or nothing

Are you daccord with agreement

Asking Questions

Being Passive about what’s done to you

C’est la Rentrée

Choosing your words

Choufleur - a flower or a cabbage?

Cookery and Recipes


Docteur Docteur

Do you have to be young?

Do you speak INGlish?

DU DE LA DES not saying how much

Each for himself

Finding your way about

Four Verbs you must learn!

Getting your needs met

Glue Words

Going from English to French

Going on and on about en

Grammar Rules

Happy Verbal Families

Having what you are and taking what you have

Him and her and them ‘n’ things

Holidays, Festivals and Parties

Holiday French

How long did you say?

Keeping it simple

In the garden

I want to report...

Jargon of Jobseeking

Little awkward false friends

Making plans for the summer

Making what you know go Further

Nuisance calls

On the Road

Ownership and belongings

Patching ideas together

Pinpointing time

Pointing at things and making a choice

Reading French

Running Words together

Saying it with a card

Small Talk

Sounding French

Starting to talk about the past

Summer is acoming in

Survival French - Identifying yourself

Survival French - I want to report...

Talking about Obligation

Talk about Talk

Taking it back

Talking about the weather

Talking about the future

Talking about the family

Talking about what you used to do

Telephone hangups

Telling a story in the past 1

Telling a story in the past 2

Telling people

The continuING saga

The donkey in the goal

The Language Tardis

The Past Rules KO

The tale of que

The way things are done in French

Two ways of looking at time

When it’s all in the mind

When moi just isn’t me

When one doesn’t have a plum in one’s mouth

When the French is back to front

Who says verbs are hard?

Words that do a job

Doctors and Medecines and what they do for you

Constat Amiable in English

H1 form translated into English