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A Notaire’s prime job is to make sure you know what you are signing.  This is why many Notaires, even English-speaking ones, prefer to have someone like me at the meeting to help the communication along.


What if you have an English-speaking estate agent? Can’t you trust him to be impartial? Ask yourself if you would do so in the UK.


However pleasant and helpful, his or her first interest is to make the sale and although you pay his fee, remember he or she was appointed by the Vendor.  You can always sue him if he gives you wrong information, but only if he has put it in writing.


There is no substitute for having someone there who can interpret for you, make sure you know what is going on, ask the questions you want answers to, make sure you get the explanations they may well otherwise just write into the document that they have told you about.



Tarifs for Notaire sessions depend on the distance from my base in Videix , starting from only 50 euros for an hour’s session at notaires in the 87600, 87200 or 16150 post codes


Please feel free to ask for an estimate before you engage me.